Thursday, 24 November 2011

Half-Way Through

They will send you to check, if it's shrinking. It could be clinically resistant after all....
My surgeon, I really trust: "So... why did the oncologist send you to me?"
Me: "???"
My surgeon: "I'll try to call her to find out."
Well, I'm in such uncomfortable situation I'm appreciating not making this worse. I just wonna to be regular patient not requiring any special treatment, please.

One little monkey jumping on the bed
She fell off and bumped her head
Momma called the doctor, and the doctor said
Careful, this monkey might soon be death. 

They had the mri report, that was saying IT is not shrinking, but is no longer in the muscles.
The other thing; they sent me right away to scan and assess the bump on my head.
Everyone was asking when I noticed.
Well ;-) for sure it wasn't there when I had my hair! I don't recall anything that could help me to be more specific.
Now, I will be waiting until Monday for diagnosis.

Other than that: rush here, rush there, everywhere rush, rush!
This chemo has fatal impact on the largest organ: skin.
Combined with alcohol, they like to use to keep everything sterile, it's a disaster.

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