Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Being Grateful

That was my favorite holiday last Monday; Thanksgiving Day.
The weather was better than perfect! I even have half naked dude on the pictures, but not even close to handsome to show the world LOL
My husband is always making perfect turkey. I was able to bake my pear and cranberries crumble! Good food and friends. Guess last holiday until next summer.

Ottawa, Mooney's Bay and perfect weather.

Today I'm even more thankful as I realized it is Wednesday. I just found one more day before third chemo! That's what I need the most; time. I'm so slow! And have to rest most of the time. Crazy!

There will be first giveaway on my blog. Possibly, last before I'm well again.
If you want pink earrings watch me ;-)
It won't be so free, I'll ask you watch something and have opinion.
The detailed information will be posted really soon. It has to be before next chemo, which is on Friday. And I have to make the earrings!

I'd like also to write about wigs (until I remember ;-)) dietician and diet and last: never ending story which is my picc line. It actually can end. My oncologist gave up, the nurses picc team is thinking if they still may have solution. The wound nurse didn't see me yet, so maybe there is a chance. And there is something I'd like to bake... I need more time or energy. One will do ;-)

Giveaway contest starts Thursday around 2pm EDT.

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