Thursday, 13 October 2011

October is Breast Cancer Month

It struck me how little I knew about breast cancer, symptoms, awareness. Anything!
I'm pretty sure, the pink ribbons where not there on the mushrooms packaging foil last year. But still I was like blind in the darkness. Not that the light would matter ;-)

Anyway, right now everyone is talking about breast cancer. I'll be happy to talk or rather write too. But really I wish they would talk a lot about all symptoms in high school.
Starting October 1st on the news, through The View, The Talk, Ellen's show, Marilyn's, Dr. Oz, and those I understand: woman to woman or professional talk. But I've seen the subject even at Anderson Cooper's.
The mushrooms, romaine hearts, yogurt, milk... you name it. And I love it!
What I love the most is dancing for cancer research. This is what I'd like you to see.
It started with McGill University, which I've seen on news. The sponsor is paying (donating, you name it ;-)) to research for every view of the video.
There is a dance competition. The winner will donate $10,000 to the charity of their choice.
The contestants
Please, watch, choose, and write your lovely comment what you like about the idea.

Waiting is pair of pink earrings. Silver and 4mm Swarovski bicone beads in fuchsia, some beading wire to connect.

I wish to mail them to the winner in 2-3 weeks, before my forth chemo. 

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