Friday, 30 September 2011


I've got really excited seeing 50/50 trailer even have no idea what tv program was it LOL, but I thought I will run to the cinema on Friday!
The first minute I've seen the title I knew what's going on. My diagnosis! I'm having one foot in the grave. It's 50/50 for surviving the treatment.
Yesterday I've seen Seth Rogen being interviewed again. And now I don't know. Do I still want to see the movie?
To be accurate with my opinion I had to find it!
On etalk, Sept 28, time 10:48

Host: "...Seth Rogen's new film 50/50 may be about cancer, but that doesn't mean it won't make you laugh"
R: "We wanted to show, that even though something sad is happening there are a lot of funny stuff that happens also, and you can't ignore that side of it."

Seriously? Is it about sadness?
"Oh, honey. It's so sad your bunny felt into your oatmeal today. No, you can't sleep together. But it's just for tonight. "

It may be about fears, tears, anger and rage.
It can be about catching up, making everyday better, and planning for maybe non-existing future.
It can be about excruciating pain, loneliness, dependency and the border, where the dignity ends.
You can still laugh, make jokes and be crazy. But please, not the sadness. Why sadness?

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