Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Coincidental death sentence

come unsuspiciously from my husband.
No. No!' did I ever mention how, sometimes, I don't understand the simplest English? 'That's not gonna happen! You are not eating in bed!'
Oh! That's not gonna happen. Then as well I may be not eating at all! at some point.
And besides; what crumbs? I've never seen perogies crumbs...

I missed the school year beginning.
I even was thinking to pick up my older one from the school bus after the first day, but it was before I knew what time is it. It was noon only, and I felt rather like midnight so I went straight... to bed.

Last days I felt I'm dead, just no one found my body yet.
Now I know why it is about survivors, not fighters.
There is nothing to fight about. You just lie down until you are able to move again. Standby mode. Then one day start with your baby finger for training ;-) hallelujah!
After ressurection you know you are alive. Although the pain stays.

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