Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hot air balloon festival

Not for us. Not this year.
If there is the next year, we will go to every possible festival, event in the neighborhood.
Talking about neighbors, she is in the hospital again. Third time this year. Zero immunity.

Hot air balloon festival, Ottawa 2009

First I've seen my shadow, and fast turned into the bathroom to check my new haircut.
Well... The medical oncologist seen before first time said 'You will want to cover it after second run' I can see now I have to cover it!
Talking to her we discussed my picc dressing problems as well as appointments that were booked on not right days for me. She asked 'Aren't you pulling your hair yet?'
'What's the point? Wouldn't they go on their own?'

My husband said 'The older one has exactly the same hair! Now you can tell why.'
Don't you worry, honey, Dad doesn't see well. You have very nice hair and quite good cut. Nothing to be afraid off before the first day of school. Mom's hair look like old fleece, and now, when it's short it's a disaster, but I wasn't able to wash them. Sooner or later they all will be gone anyway.
My advice: do this until you can. Before chemo, before picc line. To be comfortable for the last days you are still not bald.

Maybe I don't want to go there.
I realized I don't even know what my chances are.
Maybe it's not worth.
And the fact I have to many kids, that can't walk is not helping.
I always knew they are noisy. But this is misinterpretation in the little one case. The house is falling apart when he is in. No place to hide upstairs, no place to hide downstairs. Yoopi! Winter is coming!

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