Friday, 9 September 2011

Perogies saved my life

I wish to know what the chemotherapy diet is. The one, that would help to cope with side effects.
But I can only share information about what I'm able to swallow. Perogies with meat. European type, with soft dough and mildly flavored filling. If I'm smart, I should order some with cooked turkey and no onion or pepper, because original ones are still too spicy!

I also had turkey soup with rice I can't even look at right now.

2 turkey tights
4-5 carrots
1 parsnip
piece of celeriac
1/2 cup of rice (short or medium grain)

Normally, I would use bay leaf, allspice and fresh lovage, but the day before I couldn't eat grilled salmon because of spices then the soup had to be plain. brrr...
Just simmer everything for long time. The longer the better. 2-3 hours, until the meat is really soft. After two days with basically no food you will love that almost tasteless meat.

I prepared myself second batch yesterday, which I'll freeze for the next time. And, miraculously, today ta-dah! I was able to walk my little one to school bus.
Amazing, how children accept everything as normal. Mom with the scarf on her head (why not?), matching earrings, dressing on the arm and we are ready to go. Actually I feel lucky, as I found the back I lost while sitting on the curb. Still sounds like mission impossible LOL
More lucky, as yesterday was the pain day. And today, yesterday is gone.

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