Friday, 16 September 2011

Peeling for appealing look

How long ago?
Yesterday, maybe two days ago I was laughing at Lucy's description of her house as "Seventies Monstrosity".
Well... I'm not laughing anymore. The only difference: our house is from sixties.
Right now it is a mess. We moved in boys together to master bedroom, so we could have separate bedrooms. But before we moved the furniture I said 'Why not to paint?' Especially because some of the old pain was peeling of.
Boys loved that fact, and were scratching the surface, pooling the pieces and hiding them under the bed.

Problem with peeling paint

So we are painting. We have the colors, and the tools.
Wait a minute. Not so fast! We should remove the old paint, or it will be falling together with the new one.
And it appeared to be a huuuuge problem.
Although it was almost falling down with no help, in other places it turned out it's been applied forever.
Tomorrow will be the last trial. If it's not working we better find new place LOL
It better work! As I'm still planning on living in decent place!

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