Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pirates arrrr

The end of this summer finally feels like summer. Not that I'm complaining that I could breath for the last two months, and wasn't sweating like a pig.
I find it nice, when I'm able to cool my house just managing opening and closing windows, treating air condition as the last resource. We enjoy the weather.

Pirates, in pirates scarves

Mom, are you wearing your pirate hat? - the little one was watching me closely as I dressed.
Yes, I believe I'm wearing my pirate hat. - no option with home made haircut.
Can I wear mine, please?
So there we were, both wearing pirate 'hats' while playing with bubble swords.

Making bubbles

Yesterday I noticed I can pull my hair out easily. It's time to shave the 1cm that was left on my scalp, before it shows in every meal LOL
There is something under my dressing :-( Not again!

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