Saturday, 10 September 2011

Taste preferences or physiology of taste

It's not working! My taste buddies. I mean the taste buds are not my buddies anymore.
I don't like sweets! Terrible, as I hoped not to loose weight being on cheesecake (best American cake after brownies) diet.
Hearing from few doctors, that cancer likes sugar too I thought for a moment that maybe that's not the worse thing happening to me, but as an offset for the whole week I couldn't even think! about veggies without nausea. Then I say: draw LOL

Anyway, I'd like to thank Lucy for the courage to write every day. Nothing better than having good example.
Although don't expect that's gonna happen ;-) I know I won't stop now.

Meanwhile, I noticed that fall is coming fast this year, after cool summer. The smell of the backyard is not the same and sometimes you could miss even the heat.
But I always loved fall. With all the colors, and plentiness of heartwarming fruits and ... pumpkins!
That reminds me it's Italian plum season! I want some, and some more!
As well as for fairs, and festivals.
Tomorrow: Feast of Fields in my favourite Experimental Farm garden.

Fall at Experimental Farm, Ottawa 2010

Will see, maybe I could drive when the weather has still some mercy for us.

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