Monday, 15 August 2011

All about reading

I was surprised around two-three years ago, I can read novels in English and enjoy it without dictionary. I can even argue with narrator ;-)
I felt I lost some time. All those books I'll be able to read...
The good thing about reading: really improved English writing, the bad: I use to read everything from cover to cover including flyers you can find in your mailbox :lol: and throwing out the magazine or a book i treat like a sacrilege. Maybe not good sign for potential old age, but there still is a chance, as I like libraries.
Lately I've read in metronews "Psst! Seniors, need a ride?" about Wheels for the Wise.
Interesting and controversial idea with no rational reasons, I would say, inspired by business owner grandmother.
"She (the owner) is hoping to provide services to more people who[...] don't necessarily fit with the city's Para Transpo Program."
Do really people with dementia, usually seniors have no one to take care for them? That's sad.
I understand my 5 or 10 years old can't drive me, but why not 20 or 27?
How about people with cancer? They usually don't qualify for Para Traspo services. How about Wise Wheels? Lets see... chemo? 2-3 hours? That would be $135. Is that really inexpensive solution?
For me it's just regular business. Something like having personal caregiver or attendant just for few hours per month. Wouldn't expect much often with the price.
After watching another business advertising video I'm also questioning myself if this is just another business for expanding her entrepreneurial wings in Ottawa Ms. Mitchell.

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