Saturday, 27 August 2011

When life gives you lemons

Well, the lemon tree I'm growing is actually good, not so sour kind: Meyer lemons.
Except the fact, that both plants I brought home from Richmond Nursery, I also bought kumquat, were sick, and I'm practically fighting all summer with spider mites. Interesting how aunts took care of other pests on kumquat.
Anyway, in real life the lemons you get can be really sour.
Why is the neulasta so horribly expensive?!
Thanks God we have the coverage if we fulfill insurance company conditions, but my friend, working in the same office, not big one, we are going through this together. She still doesn't know. They are saying maybe 80% and even 20% is a lot!
Yesterday she asked me if we could go to try wigs together. I don't know. I'll have my first chemo next week. I'd like to book something the same day, as this is the same hospital and she still doesn't know her schedule.
Instead I proposed we should have a coffee. I had my PICC done yesterday, she has an appointment to install her port, few more days we will be both completely bold, then big decolletage, minimum clothes, as it's still summer et voila!
At least there is someone to laugh with. We have enough everyday fear and pity.

Yes, cancer is not something to jump about, but we still have the chance. It's not the plane crush. And even then there could be Hudson River ;-)

Very easy recipe for papaya smoothie
I overheard Dr. Oz that papaya is #1 in cancer diet, and I strongly believe it's tastier than any green juice.

3 cups cubed papaya
1 cup orange juice (yes, the best if home made)
2-3 large ice cubes

Bzzzzzzzzzz (that was the blender)
If you need use some honey to taste.

I'm not sure you can't find recipe like this on internet. Like I had no idea beef and kale soup exists and you don't have to invent it again. Let's say those recipes here are for me. I invented them, tested and now I want them not to be lost with my not functioning memory help.

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