Sunday, 7 August 2011

Best recipes for life

On Wednesday, after I had appointments for mammo and ultrasound booked I drove boys to taekwondo.
I was doing my shopping when I spotted recipe box on sale. Isn't that interesting? How they put those things on sale like people would only cook during summer? Not in spring or winter or fall ;-)
Unfortunately I couldn't buy it. I don't feel as I need anything. And with soon no income and all the prescriptions...
After I had that mammo on Friday, going as usual to Monday class I bought the box.
It may happen they will need some advice in life. Better to have to many than none.
There is the first recipe

Beef, barley and kale soup.

300-400g of beef 
1/2 cup of pearl barley
2-3 carrots sliced
1/2 parsnip sliced
1 celery stalk or celeriac also sliced
2-3 potatoes quartered
bunch of kale

Beef: blade simmering steak is good, but you have to simmer it for few hours. Shank is perfect.
Put meat and rinsed barley in a pot. Add water to cover, season with salt, cover and cook until tender.
Then add all the root veggies, and potatoes. Cook for additional 30 minutes.
Clean kale, and pull the leaves to remove the main vein. Chop the leaves and saute with ghee or oil olive until wilted and add to the soup. Sometimes I add good bouillon cube. No msg, no artificial, etc...
Garnish with parsley, and yogurt. And... voila. 

Beef, barley and kale soup

Only one problem. My husband loves it, my older one needs more, but the little one... :-(
- Mom, do I eat those green things?
- Yes, and it's healthy.
- How does it taste?
I don't know. Probably if you would ask a cow... - It's kale, and it smells like broccoli, when sauteed.
We may stay with broccoli which he loves.
Any ideas for edible kale dishes?

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