Thursday, 11 August 2011

Good news!

I can say the blog became "le secret de polichinelle". News is spreading surprisingly fast.
Hopefully IT is not so fast. It didn't spread to my lungs! (that was the good news ;-)) The rest I will know next Monday.

Every time I go to the hospital for tests I'm pushing the nurses to tell me something. Not a smallest chance! You have to be patient to see your doctor. Monday then.

Today was bone scan.
From the very morning, as they need radioactive material to get into your bones. At least two hours of waiting. Not necessarily in the hospital though.
We went home, I had my breakfast and was frantically looking for my linen pants I was wearing last summer. Well, to bad. I was pretty sure those were buttoned, but, no. There was a zipper, and you can’t have metal for the scan. 
I told my husband I'll keep my navy blue silk blouse on, and just change jeans for some hospital pajama bottoms. I was sure they will match, as most of them are blue with patterns. Almost right. All of them were plain blue.
The technician is really caring about your comfort. You have to lie possibly comfortable, as it takes between 30-45 minutes, and better don’t move. She positioned the pillow, according to my instructions, putted another pillow under my knees, and tidily wrapped me in kind of wide belt fastened with velcro. It was like wrapping with towel after the bath, the only tiny difference with your arms inside. What an idea! :lol: Where do they take them from?

The are two detectors which go around, and very close taking pictures.
Even you are worn they are close, it still may be shocking when the detector over you goes down, and down, and down... touching the hair and possibly even eyelashes. I was thinking about slipping off and escaping the danger, but they also put some thick elastic on you feet. When I imagined myself fighting with the machine, and the 'belt' and elastic it was really hard not to laugh and the most important is to stay still.
After all the technician will take few more minutes to check with the doctor the quality of the scan. If you were behaving well ;-) you are free to go.

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