Monday, 1 August 2011


Since Friday I know the results of the biopsy.
But I'd like to start from the beginning.

The more I read about the cancer (brr... hate this word!) I realized every mother should educate her daughter. Maybe my experience could help someone. And there is how it started.

Having the requisitions and then appointments booked I was doing well until I did the research and discovered I'm going to one of the best centers in the world. Then I started to shake and couldn't swallow, because of huge ball in my throut. No wonder anxiety pills are so tiny ;-)
Just two months before my 44 birthday I had my first mammogram and ultrasound and it didn't look good. In fact it looked so bad, that the radiologist made bad but loud comment. One black sheep between all the angels I guess ;-)
Everyone is perfectly trained, polite, kind and funny. And of course it's not helping to escape panic and fear.
Even long list of terms and conditions of rapid assessment, diagnosis and support program(RADS) is not long enough to distract.

Three days later: biopsy. Isn't not wearing even the deodorant annoying?
I was still joking until the freezing didn't really work while taking 3rd sample and there were 3 more to go!
The doctor said he had patients who couldn't let the biopsy. You can not do that. You have to check. You have to try. You have to make informed decision.
If there still something you can decide about.

Last Friday I had to go to see physician with my unbelievably fantastic husband.
And again: they are perfectly train. The introduction... There were few moments I felt I was off the hook.
The results are: invasive ductal carcinoma.

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