Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Poetry and other thoughts

I can see my writing is not any poetry or something. Not even close! :lol:
And it still can be worse! As spelling check is not working. What a day... Yesterday it just stopped working.
When I'm in not good mood, and obviously it happens a lot lattely, I go to google translator.
I'm Polish. That's why the English is so poor. But the polish translation is ridiculously... ridiculous! Senseless.

Let's think about the causes of breast cancer then.
It's NOT smoking or drinking. Too bad it's too late for me.
I suppose main reason is being woman. This is after I talked to the physician. She went through this, and she is saying it's random.
Looks like good explanation to me. But is not helping at all with early detection.
You may have the gen. Or you may have your children late and high level of estrogens, that would probobly be me. But it's not indicator.
I would say: do the breast exam, and from time to time get crazy. Don't be shy. Ask for mammogram! It's a myth: Mammo doesn't hurt. I only asked, if the kind of pulling feeling is normal, as I wasn't sure I should bend my knees maybe :-)
Yes, they are saying radiation will cause the cancer too. But it's 6 in 1,000,000 million! patients, and it can garantee you early detection.

And I hope it's not too late for me... What choice do I have?
I feel, we are junk generation. With all excitement for new chemicals, cosmetics. Anyone ever asked about the lead in any paint? Not in 60s or 70s I guess. Childhood in junk.

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