Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nothing to do with fashion

Today is the day. I will see the surgeon, who will tell me what stage it is, and what are my chances. Can't wait!

But first the MRI experience.
Good it was holiday. There was free parking! The fees are killing patients. Everyone wants to claim them as medical expence on personal taxes return. My friend is saying they are working 24/7.
Anyway, good I was with my husband because the place is hard to find. Main entrance from the back and kilometers of halls.
And then they were: hospital gowns. Is it one size? Mmm... I would have to say I'm lucky. They fit!
Other than that... only one colour and cut. I guess the cut is to be comfortable, but only for the medical staff.
Personally I hate the pattern "hospital property". Do they expect theft? Gown for the third date? Anyone?
They told me: two gowns for the MRI. One with opening in the back, the other one in front.
So I did. First one was clear blue, no any fashionable pattern I fastened at the back. The other, light blue with chequered pattern I put on like you would wear a coat. Looked logical to me, but it wasn't.
So I changed before iv. Why do they propose to change after they stab your arm and attach something anyway?
But the best was still to come. The MRI "bed". I could hear my younger one shouting - What the! -
I'm always waiting for more, terrified, but that's enough to express his surprise.
You'll spend half an hour not moving, listening to the music of your choice.
Chorus of angels please :-)

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