Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Chances are

Waiting is killing. And not knowing.
What if?
What if surviving rate is 20% for next 10 years? Oh yeah, I love math.
Would that be 2 years for sure? First one lost as the worse year because of the treatment?
Tomorrow I will know.

In the morning the little one will go to play at his friend house. His best friend ever I should say. Coincidently born on the same day! Still hard to believe.
I was very happy his mom called and invited us.
Will you please give me your address?
Sure. You have something to write?
- I'm all ready.
Then she told the name, spelled and said - You know, it's ... like this animal.
I thought (usually I think fast and a lot, and I guess that's killing me to): of course I don't know unless it is the main character in children song. Not with my poor-poor English, but your spelling was good enough, and just in case I could check 411
- Of course I know - I said - I will be really happy to meet you.

It's interesting for me how they say 411 in English. 4-11 not 411.
I can say not bad, as I did French numbers.

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