Tuesday, 30 August 2011

PICC line

Medical term for the thing is Catheter, but I definitely think in this case C stands for crap. I call this Preferably Involving Complications Crap.
I didn't like it from the first sight, and now I truly, deeply hate it.
In full accordance with my medical oncologist's preferences PICC line was inserted on Friday morning at Civic Hospital. In past, when the bone scan was done, I had chance to ask if this is their habit to be late for appointments and it looks like. They were ready for me 45 minutes late. Hard to imagine, when you are booked for 8am. What happens to patients coming at 4pm? Other than that everything went smooth, no adjustments, no pain, no epinephrine in freezing and nice, small dressing.
The problems started later, because the dressing has to be changed within next 48 hours.
One problem: you can always meet the person for whom 'within 48 hours' means Sunday even the nurses don't work overnight, so no one would come early in the morning. Other thing: it's weekend! Never do that just before the weekend. First you'll ruin the last days of freedom. This is big problem to find anyone working. And too bad, not everyone in this industry is being pleasant.
Because of the fact, that my 48hours window was gone on Sunday morning I spent over 3 hours on the phone (you know how irritating it is to tell your story again and again up to 10 times??) and some more my husband. First with CCAC , but they have to talk to agencies, then, on Saturday because nurse didn't call me and it was afternoon already I tried to call the clinic thinking it will be easier for them and for me. Silly me.
It appeared someone changed my account as discontinued service for Saturday appointment.
Nope, obviously no hope for me, I had to call case manager again, and finally other clinic which had nurse for me for Sunday called back with the offer I couldn't refuse "Will you come at 1:30?"
Well... yes, of course I did. But I don't enjoy such short term. 20 minutes may not be enough to get to the other part of the city.
And the best part is... I never asked for the nurse! i was begging from the beginning to book an appointment in the clinic so I will know when and where to go. It took them 5 minutes to call me back with this information when I said everything is ok, I'll go to emergency. Do you really have to go to emergency with things that can be scheduled???
There was one nurse, no any patient and three receptionists wearing tanks and flip-flops.
It doesn't make me feel better that the service 'is founded' by OHIP. Come on! Those are my taxes!
The nurse advised me to file the complaint. Obviously better organization would save time and nerves.
To bad I have to still deal with them! They say it is allergic reaction, I believe it's just sensitive skin. It is what it is! No matter how you call it I have that! I said before, I have every possible side effects. Even the protecting net given to me generously by nurse changing the dressing burned my arm! Just hopeless ROLL

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