Monday, 29 August 2011

Thanks to Irene

My little one just turned 5! Lovely, cute 5!
We didn't have big celebration. Fortunately, as the CCAC screwed my appointment for dressing change on my new picc line. But about picc I'll write separately not to ruin this day. There is a lot to write about, and I should share my experiences and opinions someone could benefit from.
Anyway, just 2 hours before guests should arrive I had to go to the clinic, and the procedure takes minimum 45 minutes. They couldn't make it better.
Later that Saturday we had tons of good food, birthday cake and presents, and on Sunday... kites flying!
Or should I say kites fighting. Happily little one didn't fly with the big kite.
The wind was really furious, and the Irene's clouds looked spectacular! You don't see view like this every day. And I'm happy, it finally turned out to be tropical storm rather than tornado. Wooohooo! That was my older one screaming, could be working as engine whistle, when the kite was swooping down.
I didn't see the pictures yet, only on camera screen, but I'm sure there will be something to choose from.
You'll see I'm living in a nice place.

Then, we were flying kite and lying kite.

flying 3D kite
 And this? Is it tornado cloud or what? ;-)
Thanks God Irene slowed down. I bet everyone still remembers Katrina.

flying 3D kite
We were not the only one crazy about the wind.

Ottawa River
This way we spent the afternoon laughing at Andrew Haydon Park. I love this place for walks, when weather is not warm enough to seat at the bench. We are coming here even when the snow rests on the ground to feed wild ducks and geese. And when it’s hot, there is fantastic playground with water structures and pumps on the other end of the park.
You can’t ever get enough of the view like this.
We will come back.

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