Wednesday, 10 August 2011

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Blogging takes time, but I know how to sign my pictures :-) And I can switch between English and Polish if I need. I'm becoming an expert! Also with breast cancer testings.

Last week I've seen the surgeon. Good thing is: I trust her! I can imagine it can be very important.
Talking took a lot of time. Nurses, my doctor and social worker... all around 3 hours!
They care more and more as we go through this. Every patient gets nice organizer.
There is space for all your medical practitioners' information, appointments, questions, drugs you are already on... you name it. And then some stories from survivors and information about cancer. Don't go to far with reading. The farther the worse scenario. brrr...
They will also give books for parents, and a lot of practical information for patient, everything in writing.
It's in everyone interest, as you may expect forgetting about everything including your date of birth :lol:
Date of birth... I suspect they could operate on somebody's kidney instead of his knee or something like that. During one visit you will confirm that information several times. But that's just another proof they care.
Then, they will book all of the appointments for scans leaving you for two days plus weekend, and you are able to forget about everything! It's still so unreal you can again feel healthy! Not too long though.
We try to enjoy this time and weather eating, talking, drinking and laughing. Kids love this 'normal' schedule, regular rutine. Next week maybe Greek Festival!

Time for heart scan.
Comparing to biopsy with local anesthesia not really working it's spa like experience!
With the second shot she asked me - Which arm do you want?- (really I hope to have both)- The same or the other?
- Are you able to use the same?
- Sure, not a problem - that was quite surprising after labour experience with older one.
- Then maybe the same? I may need IV the day after tomorrow.
It wasn't a problem. It was better than regular blood test! Next half hour you just lie comfortably, and the machine is so quiet be careful not to fall asleep.
You may have metallic like taste under your tongue, as a side effect, although it's rare. They say one patient per month, and the patient of the month of August was me :lol:

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